Rigamajig Basic Builder is a large-scale building kit that sparks STEM/STEAM learning through collaborative and open-ended play. Create community projects for others to continue building onto after you leave. Or, design an invention you could use with your family. With no instructions, you can’t go wrong! Anything you can imagine, you can try to make. 

The Rigamajig Basic Builder Kit is available at the Union Mills Branch. It can be used outdoors or inside the Library.

A Rigamajig Basic Builder Workshop with Simple Machines and Locomotion add-ons are available in the Multipurpose Room at the Main Library. 

Need ideas to help get you started building?

Rigamajig Play Prompts | Rigamajig Project Plans

Rigajamigs can be requested as an activity or lesson during school visits and outreach events. Contact us to learn more.