Policies & Fees


We’ve put together a hub of information for our customers regarding our policies, fines, and fees. We want to ensure you have a convenient, easy way to access the information you need to enjoy your library. As of January 2023, the LPCPL has moved away from a daily fines and fee structure, and now only charge a fee for the cost of materials to be replaced for lost and damaged materials. 

These fees apply to damage to materials:

Reboxing $2.00
Replacement Artwork $2.00
Replacement Library Card $2.00
Unique Management Fee $10.00


The Library does charge fees for certain services. Those are listed below.

Service Fees:

Prints and Copies: Black & White $0.15/page
Prints and Copies: Color $0.25/page
Laminating: $0.25/per small pouch
Large Roll Laminator: $0.25/ft
Earbuds: $1.00
Flash Drive: $5.00
Lost Item Processing Fee: $3.00
Reboxing: $2.00
Replacement Artwork: $2.00
Replacement Library Card: $2.00
Unique Management Fee: $10.00
PLAC: $65.00
Faxing: Free
Scanning: Free
Meeting Room Fees: Refer to Reservable Spaces Policy

Other fees may apply as necessary.