Volunteer Spotlight: Debbie Ault

Debbie has been volunteering at the LPCPL Exchange since October of 2021. The previous summer she learned about the Exchange through her daughter who knew she would love the space and people. Debbie loves to sew, craft and create! “I love being a part of this Exchange ‘family’; I feel so appreciated there. I am learning new crafts and hobbies and helping others learn new crafts and hobbies,” Debbie said on why she decided to become an LPCPL Exchange volunteer.

Before becoming a volunteer at the Exchange, Debbie and her husband owned an Agriculture Business that they sold in 2013. She has been retired since then. Debbie has been a steadfast volunteer in the community for more than 25 years as a member of La Porte Service League, so she has volunteered in many, many ways in our community.

Debbie’s advice for getting started at the Exchange is, “The people there are soooo nice and helpful. Just get in there and do it. You’ll be sorry you waited so long.” She thoroughly enjoys helping people out at the space. Debbie said, “People are always so excited when they first come in.  They just can’t believe that we have such a great space in La Porte.”  A memorable moment for Debbie was when a family came in for a tour at the Exchange. The family had been at the Main Branch and were so surprised to learn that there was a Makerspace across the street. They just kept saying, “And this is all free to use with our library cards?” They just couldn’t believe it!

Debbie said that, “I wish I had been as interested in learning as a kid, as I am now at 64 years old. I just can’t get enough. The Exchange is a perfect place to learn things that I never would have thought possible. Lathing??? I LOVE it, who would have thought?!?!”

We are always looking for more volunteers. If you have a passion, hobby, or skill you are interested in sharing with the community; check out our Volunteer web page to learn more.