100 Years Ago Today - September 2022

Look at these statements from headline articles in the La Porte Argus in September 1922. Terminology, capitalization, and what makes headline news can be different. Yet accidents, business, crime, and war still make headlines. Want to read the whole article? It’s on microfilm in the Indiana Room at the Main Library. Staff will be glad to help you access it. 

September 1 

Bloody food riots occur in Berlin. Hungry mobs smash shop windows and loot the stores and then they turn on officers. Many are wounded in the fighting. 


September 2 

The first autumn T.B. clinic will be held at Holy Family hospital. Free examinations and medical advice will be given to those who has reason to believe the have been exposed to tuberculosis. 


September 5 

Three head of La Porte County livestock, a pig which entered a home on Fremont Street and two horses which came to a home on Weller Avenue, took a notion to go visiting Sunday. 


September 6 

The labor department announces that despite the rail strike ad other industrial disorders, the cost of food is coming down. 


September 7 

The partial resumption of industrial activity in La Porte has brought about a severe shortage of furnished rooms. 


September 8 

The new $20,000 office building and warehouse for the La Porte Independent Oil Company at the corner of Indiana avenue and Washington street will be built by Griewank Bros. of La Porte. 


September 9 

President Harding’s wife is waging a valiant fight for life in the white house while surrounded by five physicians. Her chances for recovery are in grave doubt. 


September 11 

With her husband serving time at a penal form for liquor law violation, a woman and seven children of Michigan City are admitted to the county poor house. 


September 12 

Three former employees of the Advance-Rumely Co. are arrested in the act of taking a sweater and horse blanket from an automobile standing near the plant as they were about to leave town. 


September 13 

Marks on a collar left at the American laundry in La Porte result in the arrest of one of the principals in the murder of a taxi driver in South Bend. Justice moves in mysterious ways. 


September 14 

Changes in the plans for the new high school in La Porte will be made because of marked increases in the price of material and labor. 


September 15 

One hundred thousand persons in Smyrna, Greece are menaced with death from starvation. Turks are alleged to have carried off pupils of the American Girls’ college there. 


September 16 

Europe faces an outbreak of a new Balkan war. Peace terms of the Turks are worrying allied powers. 


September 18 

Approximately 125 foreign born residents of La Porte county will take the examination for their final naturalization papers at the court house this week. 


September 19 

The New York Yankees maintain their game and a half lead on first place when they defeat Detroit. Ruth hits a home run in the first inning. 


September 20 

A wealthy rector and his choir leaders were murdered at midnight in a New Jersey “haunted house” believed to be deserted. It is believed that they used the house as a trysting place. 


September 21 

Interest in forming orchestras in county schools continues. Fifty students enrolled at Stillwell and Union township. 


September 22 

Fall is here and every man is going to get a new hat. You’ll find the shape and color you like at Peterson-Droege-Blankschein for $3.50-$7. 


September 23 

A joint institute for all county teachers will be held on the last Saturday of September. School problems will be discussed followed by sectional meetings, subject instructions, and lectures. 


September 25 

Mrs. Catherine Andrew, 90, tells of her arrival in La Porte when she was eight. She said there were only three houses then, two log cabins and a frame house. 


September 26 

The Michigan City boxing arena will be sold at auction unless war tax due the government for the July Fourth boxing show is paid within the next two weeks. 


September 27 

Miss Erle Chambers, noted woman attorney, of Little Rock, is the first woman elected to the Arkansas legislature. She has a strong backing of anti-Ku Klux voters. 


September 28 

The first indication of an effort to organize a branch of the Ku Klux Klan in La Porte was seen last night. 


September 29 

Art work done at Maple Grove school in Hudson township wins first prize of $5 at an art exhibit at the Three Oaks fair. 


September 30 

Traveling 60 miles an hour, a Studebaker Six crashes at 12am on “Snake” road a mile southwest of Waterford. The car was stolen from South Bend and had a fake license plate in front. 

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