100 Years Ago Today - October 2022

Look at these statements from headline articles in the La Porte Argus in October 1922. Terminology, capitalization, and what makes headline news can be different. Yet accidents, business, crime, and war still make headlines. Want to read the whole article? It’s on microfilm in the Indiana Room at the Main Library. Staff will be glad to help you access it. 

October 2 

Thieves use a skeleton key to gain entrance to a second hand store at 706 Clay Street, La Porte, and steal about $25 worth of jewelry. 


October 3 

Say good morning with a cup of Stevens’ Famous Coffee, 35 cents a pound, 3 pounds for $1.00. 


October 4 

The crowd at the Union township school last night was so large the auditorium was not spacious enough. Speakers complimented the people for their splendid community spirit. 


October 5 

Four firemen die while trapped in an elevator jammed between floors of a burning warehouse in Philadelphia. 


October 6 

An Illinois woman had her hair bobbed. Afterward her husband spanked her. Today he is in jail, unable to pay a $10 fine levied for the spanking. 


October 7 

County Auditor Katheryn Spors turns auctioneer when she calls “sold” at $305 at the fairgrounds in an atmosphere of contractorism and cigar smoke. 


October 9 

Greek-American citizens of La Porte are collecting funds to aid the suffering Christian refugees in the Near East. 


October 10 

Over 400,000 Greek refugees, mostly women, old men, and children, are in Greece, Thrace and islands in the Aegean seas. They were driven from their Near East homes by the war with Turks. 


October 11 

Rural Route 7, which takes in New Durham and part of Scipo townships, passes inspection. Postmaster Terry finds all of the boxes on the right side of the road, all in good condition. 


October 12 

All 100 or more passengers and 192 officers and crew leave a burning vessel two days off the Pacific coast. 


October 13 

Harold Goeltzenleuchter, 14, is in very serious condition at Holy Family hospital. He climbed a walnut tree near the county asylum and grabbed a live wire while trying to escape from falling. 


October 14 

Maternal mortality is increasing in the country despite the great advances of science. Most people can converse intelligently on smallpox, contaminated water, and typhoid fever though. 


October 16 

A weird tale that rivals the fantastic stories of “Edgar Allen Poe” will be told in a Hammond court. A man claims his wife gave birth to twins he never saw, and his wife denies the births. 


October 17 

The women of La Porte viewed the fall and winter forecast of style at the Central theatre. Maniquinnes gowned for the street, afternoon tea, and evening made a gorgeous appearance. 


October 18 

In a Hammond court, a woman will contend that she did not give birth to twins, but used two dolls as a ruse to appease her husband’s eagerness for children. 


October 19 

Premier David Lloyd George of England resigns with the rest of the coalition government. Lloyd George was in power for almost six years. 


October 21 

A woman tells the true story of the “great doll hoax.” Her husband, who was jealous of his former wife, was in on the story of the birth of twins from the beginning. 


October 23 

Five motorists are arrested for speeding by a motorcycle officer. Each one leaves $11 at the police station to pay for their pleasure. 


October 24 

A grocery firm at 1008 Lincolnway is going out of business. A meat market at 1016 Lincolnway will move into the building. 


October 25 

A committee is appointed to foster the spirit of good citizenship among the pupils of the public schools of La Porte. 


October 26 

While a Ford coupe, belonging to John Scholl, local dairyman, was parked in front of his residence on Lincolnway, someone familiar with the lock succeeded in making away with it. 


October 28 

Boys thronged the newspaper office long before 9 o’clock this morning and gobbled up the 500 kites advertised to be given away. Boys that did not get one should be on hand early next Sat. 


October 30 

At 4:30 tomorrow at courthouse square, La Porte merchants will give away over $400 in cash and merchandise. Tickets were given with purchases made at local stores. 


October 31 

Before an audience that packed Central theatre, home talent entertained during an Elks’ show. 

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