100 Years Ago Today - May 2023

Look at these statements from headline articles in the La Porte Argus in May 1923. Terminology, capitalization, and what makes headline news can be different. Yet accidents, business, crime, and war still make headlines. Want to read the whole article? It’s on microfilm in the Indiana Room at the Main Library. Staff will be glad to help you access it. 


May 1 

After skillfully stealing a high-priced hat at the Louise Shoppe, a feminine thief was caught by the owner of the millinery after a chase which lasted for several minutes. 


May 2 

The first woman hanged in Canada in 24 years and one of the few ever hanged on the North American continent goes to her death on the gallows after a murder conviction. 


May 3 

Aviators break a flight record going from New York to San Diego in less than 27 hours. 


May 4 

Approximately 5,000 students of the county rural schools and their parents are attending the annual school day celebration at the fair grounds. 


May 5 

A Connecticut banker’s daughter who had disappeared is back home. She returned from Chicago where “she just felt that she had to go somewhere.” 


May 7 

Jennie May McElroy of Dallas, Texas establishes a new record for women nonstop dancers with 182 hours and 38 minutes and will compete in a national marathon in Chicago. 


May 8 

The Order of American Women, supposed to be the female branch of the Ku Klux Klan, makes an impressive showing in Dallas, Texas, the stronghold of Klanism, with 7,500 in a procession. 


May 9 

Small boys in La Porte are indulging in the unusual sport of snowballing in May as a result of the snow storm which began yesterday and resulted in several inches of snow upon the ground. 


May 10 

The Center Township assessor warns that dog owners must pay their dog taxes by May 14 or be arrested. About 70 persons owning dogs have failed to pay the 1923 tax. 


May 11 

Every man must see the wonderful line of hats which Lows’ Clothing Store will sell tomorrow. The store has the famous Stetson hats and is making an extra effort to sell hats from $2-4. 


May 12 

More than 60 persons are suffering from drinking from a poisoned punch bowl at the annual prom at Rose Polytechnic Institute in Terre Haute. Two girls are in a serious condition. 


May 14 

Plans to sell ninety-seven Piggly Wiggly stores in Chicago and Kansas City will be discussed. 


May 15 

Seventeen persons are killed and a large number of others are missing at Hot Springs, Ark., following the flood and fires there early today. 


May 16 

Upton Sinclair, noted author and socialist who mysteriously disappeared, had been placed in jail on charges of unlawful assemblage and violation of the criminal syndicalism law. 


May 17 

A La Porte woman files for divorce, charging that in 3 years of married life, the only money her husband expended on her for clothes was a pair of shoes and gave only 50 cents for their baby. 


May 18 

Seventy-four persons, many of them children, lost their lives last night in a fire which swept through a country school house in South Carolina during graduation exercises. 


May 19 

A subway for the New York Central railroad at Madison street in La Porte is possible because of the dangerous and inconvenient condition which exists at the crossing. 


May 21 

Twenty-seven head of tubercular cattle, reactors in the tests conducted in Springfield and Coolspring townships, will be shipped from La Porte on Wednesday. 


May 22 

Buy a new watch with a trade-in offer for broken military watches at Steinberg’s Jewelry Store in La Porte. 


May 23 

A meeting of all men interested in the ancient art of horse shoe pitching will be held in hopes of forming a horse shoe pitching association for La Porte. 


May 24 

The Camp Fire Girls of La Porte will appear in the streets Saturday and sell poppies for the benefit of the American Legion. 


May 25 

Twelve boys and girls have been selected as winners from 62 contestants in La Porte’s penmanship contest, representing the best writers in each grade, 1-6. 


May 26 

La Porte high school held its Junior-Senior reception last evening in the Masonic Temple ballroom. There was a banquet and dancing. 


May 28 

A state convention of the Indiana Federated Aid Association for Lutherans was held in St. John’s Parish hall on B street with representatives from all parts of the state and their families. 


May 29 

The nation will observe Memorial Day tomorrow, Wednesday, May 30. Stores, factories, and county and city offices will be closed. La Porte will have a parade and an outdoor program. 


May 31 

Edgar Schumm, candidate of the Pep party for mayor, was claimed the victor after closing the polls on Tuesday. The Pep ticket won at all places except at St. Joseph’s and Maple schools. 

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