Meet the X-Carve, Plus Resin Pouring

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Program Description

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It's here! Thanks to a Howmet Aerospace Foundation grant, we now have a huge CNC machine! Learn about ways you can use the machine - it can make projects on material up to 4 x 4 feet.

In this class we will demonstrate how the X-Carve can make signs, and then Makerspace Volunteer Brian Janke will help participants mix and pour epoxy resin into prepared wood pieces to make a colorful wall hanging. It will be stinky, but the results are beautiful.

Supplies are limited.



Equipment Training

Like what you see? Staff can help you! Contact the LPCPL Exchange by email or phone to set up your one-on-one training.


Exchange Safety

During this class, you will work with machinery and a variety of tools. Closed toe shoes are required. Avoid wearing baggy clothing or dangling jewelry, and tie back long hair.

If you have any questions, contact the LPCPL Exchange at 219-344-5895.