Have you visited the Indiana Room?

10 Sep Have you visited the Indiana Room?

La Porte County Public Library’s Indiana Room

Did you miss a tour of the Indiana Room at La Porte County Public Library, 904 Indiana Ave.? Here are some important points in case you did or if you want a refresher. Also, the library has made some improvements there, so there may have been some changes since you last saw it.

1. The books on the long wall are divided into Genealogy, Indiana, and La Porte collections. They do not check out.

2. The books to the left of the entrance door and around the corner by the window do check out. They are divided into the same categories as those that do not check out.

3. Microfilm of La Porte, Michigan City, Westville, and Wanatah newspapers, county courthouse records, and more is used on the microfilm machines with computer access to the Internet so you can email your findings if you wish.

4. There is a machine to enlarge print on books and maps.

5. Area newspapers are in the room.

6. The room is open during all hours the Main Library is open.