100 Years Ago in July, 1917

01 Jul 100 Years Ago in July, 1917

Look at these statements from headline articles in the La Porte Argus in July, 2017. Terminology, capitalization, and what makes headline news can be different. Yet accidents, business, crime, and war still make headlines.

July 1-8

Kreidler Clothing has all the good things to wear for the Fourth. The store will be open until 9 o’clock on July 3.

The married men are worried today. They must prove they have dependents for draft exemption.

An interurban car topples over on its side at the Eddy curve in Michigan City. Nearly every passenger was a La Portean. There were no fatalities, just screaming women, crying children, and crashing glass.

Chinese republican leaders may appeal to the United States to help them overthrow the new monarchy and re-establish democracy.

One of the greatest air raids attempted by the Germans is staged over London this morning. Six women, three children, and 28 men were killed and 141 were wounded.

A world’s record for beef prices is broken when a cattleman sells 40 head to the Armour Packing company at the Chicago stockyards for $14 a hundred.
July 10-15

Oral arguments are held in the supreme court on restraining women from voting.

One hundred and fifty La Porte boys will march away in a body on August 5th to battle in the war against Germany—the greatest conflict the world has ever seen.

A refrigerating plant and cars capable of carrying a million pounds of meat daily are needed in France as only lumber and cement are available there. Also, a pair of shoes lasts only a week in a trench.

The war department announces a draft quota of 17,510 men from Indiana for the new national army.

There are rumors that the German kaiser has abdicated.

Dr. George Michaelis is the new imperial chancellor of Germany.
July 17-22

The British Royal House is now known as the House of Windsor. The title was changed from Saxe-Coburg.

America may develop the aeroplane which will end the war.

President Wilson pardons the sixteen suffragists sentenced to sixty days in the workhouse after trial for picketing with banners in front of the white house.

The drawing for the draft is to last 18 hours. Over two pages of La Porte men drawn today are listed.

Now that the draft is over, doctors are next in order.

Five murders and two daring safe robberies give Chicago police plenty of work today. Also this week, there were 230 burglaries, six stolen autos unrecovered, 20 hold-ups, etc.
July 24-31

La Porte’s streets were shrouded in darkness last night after the storm that partially wrecked the plant of the La Porte Gas & Electric company.

The war is costing England $40,000,000 a day ever since the outbreak of the war on August 1, 1914, has the outlook for the allies been so unfavorable, Sen. Borah of Idaho tells the senate this afternoon.

Washington warns that “fakers” of physical disability will not evade the draft.

The men subject to the country’s call will soon receive their summons to appear for the physical examination.

Every U.S. attorney is to seek out slackers, all men between ages 21 and 31 inclusive who are unregistered.

U. S. marshals conduct a raid on 500 men of military age in New York who were attempting to get marriage licenses, presumably to avoid military service.